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  • Meet Gliwice

    For the last years Gliwice has become one of the most modern cities of Upper Silesia.
    Its strengths are its favourable location, advanced economy, comprehensive development of science and education, as well as rich cultural, sports and recreation life.

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What an amazing team!

About Our Course

Have you ever wondered what could fall within the scope of soft skills?

What in general the communication, facilitation and tasks management are? Start your adventure with a career with us! A country famous for its possibilities (and not only) invites you to a wonderful journey through the depths of personal efficiency, building business relations, and group dynamics.
Come to us to spend some good time and make unforgettable moments with people from around Europe. That’s Gliwice where you will meet people who can become your best friends forever.
Not only we will greet you with bread and salt, as all Poles do, but we will also treat you with dumplings and bigos. You will not be bored with us. Don’t be shy and apply now.